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Government rebukes presidential job approval rankings

francisco chacón

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – September 25th, 2012 – “It has no logical explanation.” This was Francisco Chacon’s, Minister of Communications, reaction to the job approval rankings of American presidents published yesterday by the Mexican firm, Mitofsky Consultants, in which President Laura Chinchilla ranked dead last in job approval.


Chacon said this is not a real poll and questioned the firm’s methodology.  “This is not a survey, it is a compilation of several surveys from various countries, using a methodology that is unknown to us, which provides very strange results. It is interesting to see, for example, that Costa Rica has enviable economic performance according to all international rankings in the last 2 years (…) in comparison to other countries that are far behind us. But it turns out that, according to this poll, those countries are much happier with their presidents, than Costa Ricans are with Laura Chinchilla; it’s a bit strange,” Chacon said.


In the report, published by Mitofsky Consultants, Chinchilla ranked last in job approval ratings amongst all 20 American leaders. The report said that just 13% of Costa Ricans approve of Chinchilla’s job performance.  The report was based on job approval ratings published by media and polling organizations from each country.


Chacon said he “was curious” to know how Chinchilla received grades below presidents such as Daniel Ortega, from Nicaragua; Evo Morales, from Bolivia and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.


When asked by the press about the ranking, Chinchilla refrained from providing any statements.


According to Chacon, the government is dismissing the report and local polling is “much more important for decision making.”

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