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(Satire) US Army in Afghanistan out of Bailey Bridges, Blames Costa Rica

Timothy Williams for Inside Costa Rica

(Satire) – KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – September 23rd, 2012 – The US Army Corps of Engineers says its war fighting abilities in Afghanistan have been severely compromised, and they’re blaming Costa Rica.


“Bailey bridges are extremely important in a war zone.  We need to be able to move our troops and supplies, but our ability to do so is being compromised,” explained Army General, Tim Mackey.


“Over the course of the last several years, our supply of such bridges has been dwindling as our government has diverted all of our bailey bridges to Costa Rica,” Mackey added.


Bailey bridges are temporary structures used by the military to move troops and supplies in war zones, where bridges have been destroyed or simply do not exist.  Mackey finds it curious that a nation with no military has such high demand for Bailey bridges.


“There are more Bailey Bridges in Costa Rica than we have here in Afghanistan,” Mackey explained.  “As an ally in the War on Terror, we expect the support of the Costa Rican government.  We need our bailey bridges back,” Mackey added.


The President of Costa Rica, however, says that Bailey Bridges are an important component of Costa Rica’s national infrastructure.  “Without these Bailey Bridges, our country would come to a halt,” explained President Laura Chinchilla.


This week, Costa Rica’s Minister of Public Transportation will be visiting Washington, D.C., to plead for the US Government’s continued support with Bailey Bridges.  “We need more,” the Minister said.


In recent months the Costa Rican government has also discussed Bailey Bridge manufacturing with several Chinese manufacturers, but has cited quality concerns.


“We understand the U.S.’s concerns,” said President Chinchilla.  “We are an ally in the War on Terror, but we need those Bailey Bridges.”


The US Army says they are now completely out of Bailey Bridges, which could affect the outcome of the war in that country.


Editor’s note: This article is part of our new satire section.  It is not a real news story.  

Nota del editor: Este artículo es parte de nuestra sección nueva sátira. No es una noticia real.


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            How about the USA just gets out of Afghaniastan?

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